#bucketyear (I think I made that up?!)


Sometimes you come across a fork in the road in life. Or life hands you a lemon. Say, a bushel of lemons and dumps them on your head then runs away laughing. Or maybe just a fork, lets stick with that. Well I’m the kind of girl who picks up the fork and sets out to find a steak to put it to good use. Especially a steak after a week of green juice in advance of Europe. Can you tell I’m hungry and angry at lemons?
In my own mind I’m a bit of a John [Jane] Wayne. We all have our delusions of grandeur, right? My personal Christmas tradition  over the past few years: days trekking in the Eastern Sierras, blasting some Black Keys as I ascend high peaks with a flask of whiskey and a buck knife in my pack. So hard, so hard. Right – I can’t exactly ski or snowboard (somewhat my choice, I’m impatient and I like my knees the way they are) so I rent snowshoes while my athletically superior family all effortlessly fly down hills humming country tunes to themselves. Yes, I snowshoe with a [fanny] pack, rocking out to pranayama mediation music, noshing on a protein bar and only sipping on whiskey when its below 10 degrees. The knife is in there too but I’m pretty sure the mountain lion/goat/owl/whatever would eat me before I’d get the chance to stab it, so, moot point. Snowshoeing is economically sound, calorically favorable, ACL tear-averse and all around damn pleasant. Thats right, I’m a proud “shoe-er”! Like I said, Jane Wayne over here.

So… 2015 is my bucketyear. Just what is a bucketyear? Well, I could define it as a third-life crisis but that is optimistic math, and I’m a few gray hairs shy of mid-life, so lets just say its what happens when you find yourself with no job, no relationship, some savings and a few credit cards, and screaming the word CHANGE into the great void. As my mother pointed out I should clarify that many people who create a bucketlist do so because they know time is running short, perhaps due to terminal illness, and this is not the case for me. Though we are all dying – not to get too existential on y’all but it’s true. I have no pets, no plants, no children, no spouse. Not a thing in the world to tie me down. So when my job went tits up I decided to leap and let the net appear. The job will be materialize, perhaps a new city too. But I decided to spend the better part of this year doing as many things as I can on my bucketlist because at the end of this year I want to pursue my biggest dream of all, which is to be a mom. Regardless of who is or isn’t in my life its just something I don’t want to miss out on. This year will be filled with adventure – a US road trip! making it all the way through “Shoop” in karaoke! Learning to country line dance! Paragliding in Costa Rica! (okay I made that one up) Burning Man (maybe)! – a beautiful wild ride that concludes with me being ready to bring my own little person on board. Read – major responsibilities and job with benefits and stuff! I want to look my kid in the eye one day and tell him that he came at the perfect moment, exactly when I wanted him (or, of course, her). I can’t wait to see the face of the love of my life, and the closer I get to that moment in my life the more excited I am…. But soon. For now is the moment of indulging in my wanderlust, in my bucket dreams, in me. Time is the most precious currency, and I intend to spend it wisely.


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